A Rock Hound's Life

Where are the Rock Hounds

The life of a rock hound has a certain dedication to travel and the outdoors. Climbing mountains, surviving in remote deserts. But it also involves plenty of time indoors visiting the great museums of the world and some really great retail rock stores.

Definition of a Rock Hound

Just how many people in the world qualify as rock hounds. Well by definition if you have even a single rock in your garage or on a dresser you are a rock hound. Let us not forget anyone who wears stone jewelry. Rock hounds oh yeah, for sure.

So pretty much over a billion people are classified as rock hounds.

Activities of a rock hound

You can find them in Tucson in January, or Denver in the Spring. It is an intuition that there are more adventurous hounds in the Western US than in the East. Then again fighting in the line at the jewelry counter of Macy's on a sale day is pretty adventurous too.


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