Best Tumblers on the Market

There are a number of different reasons for using a rock tumbler. And some of them have nothing to do with tumbling rocks.

The reality is

For quality and large volume projects over 10 pounds of material ,we like the Lortone Rotary tumblers. They are also a or Vibratory Tumblers.

There is something really significant to say about the lot-o-tumbler. This is the one fact that sets it apart from all other tumblers. The lot-o-tumbler gives you full visual access to the tumbling process as it is occurring because it is open.

The biggest hassle is the opening of barrels each time you want to check on progress. With the lot o No Problem, nothing to open.

If your interested finding out about this tumbler go here.

There are other tumblers that accommodate smaller projects for the young hobby rock enthusiast. These include Smithsonian and National Geographic tumblers.

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