Making Seaglass in Your Tumbler

Making Seaglass

Seaglass can be made in your rock tumbler. Just as the sea abrasives of sand and water over time change the look of glass that might be in the ocean, so to can your tumbler make the seaglass by emulating the sea.

Of course this is a quicker way to make glass than waiting for years to find a piece on the beach. And you can make some very attractive variations of seaglass. 

Making Jewelry

While it is possible to use your tumbler for making really shiny glass and possibly using this in jewelry, we find he variations of seaglass to be much more appealing.

The frosty look is very fashion forward and always strikes a comment from people. Slightly frosty but smooth seaglass can really turn a necklace into something great.  There are so many choices to seaglass colors.

Choice of Colors

While traditional seaglass is limited to the number of colors that you see in common bottles such as browns and greens you can find glass in any color and crush it. Then through it into your rock tumbler and shape it down to something smooth and wonderful.

We make a grit kit specifically for Seaglass production.



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