Substitute for Grit

Surely there is a secret material substitute for Grit

What other materials can I substitute for grit in the tumbling process. Legend has it that there is some secret material that will work as well as grit to grind rocks. Surely of all the materials on Earth some chemical compound has to exist that will do a great job tumbling rocks. And surely it is plentiful and cheap! We have search as many others have to look at any viable alternatives to Silicon Carbide as the finest tumbling media.

Using Sand as grit

The short answer is "Sorry, not really". Silicon Carbide is the best performing and most reasonably priced solution to your grit tumbling needs. We could talk about sand as an alternative to real grit. An exciting thought and you live near the beach. While you can get some grinding performance using sand as a grit substitute, overall it will not hold up in the spectrum of taking your rocks from rough to smooth. You can try it with some not so precious rocks and you will see that the grinding results just sort of stall at a pretty unfinished level.

See our other post on the lowdown on sand.



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    Good to know, didn’t think of that.

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