Using Your Tumbler to Clean Hardware

If you have a collection of old rusty screws, nails and other valuable hardware that you would like to clean up and make more useful, you are in luck. With your  3 pound tumbler (barrel) capacity or greater, you can make the old hardware a shining new collection of precious and good looking items.

It is so ridiculously easy and fast to turn over a group of screws and nails that are all rusted and gritty into some really nice looking items. They will almost look like you just bought them in most cases.

This is done with your tumbler and some burnishing shot, which we sell in our accessories section. Literally about 4 to 7 ounces of the burnishing shot which is a combination of stainless steel shapes added to your tumbler with your one to two pound of items will be perfect. Just add water to cover the mix.

After about fifteen minutes check on the barrel and drain the water and replace. It may be at this point that you are satisfied with the result of the tumbling and things are all shiny. If not just run again with new water.

Your water and a sort of brown foamy goo will be the result in the barrel. Dispose of this properly and not down the drain, as it can clog pipes.

The greatest thing is that the steel shot is reusable many times and therefore not really an expense factor after you initial purchase.

If you have old screws and hardware and brass -- Try this.



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