What Are Good Rocks to Tumble

What are good rocks to tumble, and where can I get them?

The most popular rocks

  • Agates
  • Jasper
  • Quartz

Having access to the great rocks that will become beautiful in a tumbler depends on where you live. It would be nice to know about the common rocks in your area and what they might look like if polished. An image list would be nice to see with before and after pictures of the results.  There are some worthy rocks to tumble in your area for sure. No matter where you are.

Of course there are some basics about what sizes and shapes to pick. Also what are you looking for as a finished product? Do you want to use these rocks for a fountain or making jewelry or are they of sentimental value.

There are a group of common rocks that are inexpensive and readily available in most areas.  Then the other source is to buy a batch of rocks. Or to take one big specimen rock and divide it. If you have local mountains, that's a good location to discover good samples.

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