What is a Slurry

Slurry Defined

In rock tumbling a slurry is what you will build out of all the commingled grit and and polish that you add to the tumbler and the water and the small particles that are grinded  or ground away by the rock tumbling process. It is a thick murky, soupy, liquid-like, gooey mix that when correct is exactly what makes the magic happen in the tumbler.

Purpose of Slurry

It is the slurry that baths the rock in abrasives. Now, your slurry can get too thick and you can see this. If you are examining your rocks in the barrel during the tumbling stages and you see that the slurry is so thick and soupy that the rocks are just sort of held in suspension and there is not much cross movement going on then what you have is an over concentrated slurry. There will be no real productive action in shaping or polishing your rocks as this state is in place. You've go to thin that slurry with some water. What kind of water to use. Well the common water of choice was Perrier, but those dreams have come and gone. You may just want to go to your faucet for the domestic blend.

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