Where to Find Rocks to Tumble

Where do I find rocks to tumble?

"Why do you visit the desert?" "Because that's where the rocks are!"

In America of the 1930's, a time of prevalent bank robberies, Willie Sutton a famous bank robber, was asked, "Why do you rob banks?". "Because that's where the money is.", he is reported to have responded. Makes sense. We thought we might take a look at our state by state customer list, figuring that the states that had more purchases had more available rocks. We found what you might expect. States known for Mountains and Lakes were the big users.The tumblers are where the rocks are. Florida being no exception. Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, the Dakotas. But really just about every state has tumbler enthusiasts. This could be from rock hunting trips, you can find tumblers everywhere.

Agate is probably the most popular rock that people choose. This is because it is often translucent, having many unique patterns and designs revealed in the processing. As a quartz it shines up really well.

In the United States, agate is typically found in Western states – particularly in Oregon, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Michigan.

These rocks are typically found in coastal areas, lakes, and places with a past of volcanic activity.

Look for lakes at low tide to expose these rocks.  Sometimes the agates will be laying right on top or amongst other rocks. Because of their shine they are easy to see in a grouping.

And don't forget about Jaspers, certainly in the running as one of the most complexly patterned rock types.


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