Lorton grit kit refill for  3 pound tumbler

Lortone Tumbler Refill Kit

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Specially formulated for Lortone tumblers with models of Lortone using 3 or 4 pound barrels, you get a complete set of rock tumbling grit and polish. Each this kit contains Grade A tumbling grit and polish, as used by gemstone industry professionals, to tumble rocks in your Lortone rock tumbler and bring them to a gem like finish. The great thing is you get pre-measured packets perfectly designed for your tumbler. The grit and polish amount in this listing is also offered with free shipping!.

The tumbling process for rocks uses a four step process and these abrasive and polishing materials.

Each kit contains the following four items.

  • One 4 Tbsp package coarse Silicon Carbide (60/90 grit) used in Step 1
  • One 4 Tbsp package medium Silicon Carbide (120/220 grit) used in Step 2
  • One 4 Tbsp package pre-polish Aluminum Oxide (500 grit) used in Step 3
  • One 5 Tbsp package polish Aluminum Oxide (micron sized) used in Step 4

The abrasive media is shipped in separate plastic resealable bags.

This product is made in the USA and is of the highest quality used in industry.