Thumlers tumbler grit refill with polisth

Thumlers Tumbler Refill kit

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This grit pack is a refill kit designed specifically for Thumler's Tumblers models A-R1, MP-1 three pound tumblers and Model T.

Rock Polisher accessories include media for all four stages of rock tumbling, bringing your rocks to a sparkling finish.

Use this Grade A tumbling grit and polish for your Thumler's tumbler to tumble rocks and semi-precious stones.

This product is made in the USA and is of the highest quality used in industry.  Our Aluminum Oxide polish is the premium rated "Fine", adding that extra gleam in the polished end product.

Your refill kit includes 4 easy to open, pre-measured packets:

  • One 4 oz. package coarse silicon carbide (60/90 grit) used in Step 1
  • One 4 oz package medium silicon carbide (120/220 grit) used in Step 2
  • One 2 oz package pre-polish Aluminum Oxide (500 mesh) used in Step 3
  • One 2 oz package polish Aluminum Oxide micron sized used in Step 4

The abrasive media is shipped in separate plastic resealable bags

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