About Us - Rock Ridge Grit

Fun of Tumbling

We are fascinated by the tumbling process and the power of tumblers especially when coupled with the right grit. We are excited about the possibility of uncovering the beauty of a rock, revealing it's complexities, by constant grinding revolutions. It's all about the magic, slow magic but still magic. We love the whole process.

Our Business Promise

We are human, and not an unreachable, detached algorithm that operates in a vacuum, calculating some super manipulating product presentation to yield more... something or other. Therefore, we appreciate your business in the way that recognizes the relationship we share, and that “about us” is really about you. We understand you expect to get what you see and pay for, and that there is an absolute responsibility on our part to fulfill this bargain. No excuses!

Selling Rock Tumbler Supplies for Eight Years

We employ our resources and experience of selling tumbler supplies for over eight years to offer you the highest quality materials and deliver them as reliably as possibly.

Community of People

The community of people who use tumblers is a large and diverse group, we would all be surprised to find out just who is tumbling at any given moment. From Hobbyists to Professionals Gemologists, from STEM students who want to learn to craft artists, jewelers and finish industry professionals who produce. One of our endeavors is to bring people's project knowledge and story into a forum for sharing. There is a lot to be learned.


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