Find Grit by Tumbler Brand

Find Grit by Tumbler Brand or Type

Find the grit you need to tumble with this rock chart. You can pick the grit by looking up the name of the name or type of rock tumbler. Click on the link and get exactly the right rock grit kit to use.

Tumbler Brand Grit Kit to Use
Harbor Freight Harbor Freight Refill
Lortone Lortone Refill
National Geographic National Geo Refill
Smithsonian Smithsonian Refill
Thumler Rotary Thumler Rotary Refill
Thumler Vibratory Thumler Vibratory Refill
Vibratory Generic Vibratory Refill
Exploring Minds Standard Four Pack
Any other brand (3 Pound) Standard Four Pack


 Using Standard Grit Kits

If you don't see your rock type listed, it may be that the rock is not appropriate for tumbling due to its hardness or softness.  Also the rock name may not be listed as it is part of a larger family of rock. If you want a tumbling kit for this rock type then our Standard Grit Kit is a good choice