Instructions Directory

Comprehensive Directory of Instructions for all Tumbler Brands

Here is a list of Tumblers brands, and our operating instruction manuals.
These include step by step usage directions for all major manufacturers models of the most popular machines.

Rotary Tumblers

Chicago Electric (single and dual barrel from Harbor Freight)

Harbor Freight Instructions (single and dual barrel by Chicago Electric)


Lot 0 Tumbler

National Geographic (all)

Smithsonian (all)

Standard (3-4 Pound)

Thumler A-R1

Thumler Model T

Thumler A-R2

Thumler A-R6

Thumler A-R12

Tumble Bee



Vibratory Tumblers


Thumlers UV10

Thumlers UV18

Thumblers UV43


If your tumbler is not listed here please contact us and we will direct you