Product Care

Maintenance & Care

For Stainless Steel Shot

Abrasives such as stainless steel shot require maintenance in the form of care and handling. When you have finished using the shot for tumbling and burnishing you must rinse it and dry it off. This way your shot will last much longer and will be less subject to corrosion. You will have smooth clean shot without the potential build up of metals such as zinc that have come of the burnished and deburred items you were tumbling. The key is to prevent oxidation and also to remove contaminants from used shot for best results in future use

For Plastic Polypropylene Pellets

The key for maintaining poly pellets is to rinse them after use. Even if you do this you will still see some grit and/or polish remaining on some beads. This is natural and cannot be avoided. The grit naturally makes its way into the pellets as part of the tumbling process.

The smartest way to keep your pellets useful and doing what you want is to separate the pellet sets for each phase of the tumbling process. This means if you are using them in grinding, do not use the same pellets for polishing.