Responsible Packaging

Packaging Our Products Responsibly

We don't claim to be super environmentalists and  there are certainly other companies who have made fantastic strides in conservation. We do have enough common sense to know that it is just dumb to not consider the packaging of our products. So we aim to lessen the environmental impact of packaging.

We know that our customers, who enjoy the outdoors and love beauty, and see the connection of Earth to us, the same people who love rocks and clean fresh air and beautiful colors,  appreciate that given the choice, its wise to use a minimum of packing material, often recycled and a minimum of plastic.

Responsible packing materials

Lowering Environmental Impact

While it is the case that the best transport of our products is plastic containment, we minimize and simplify plastic materials.  It would be nice for your grit to be stored in a big fancy plastic jar. Great for marketing and the branding of the product. However, such packaging is not really that necessary, when you consider usage. You open, use up the contents, and then throw away the plastic jar when empty. Therefore we do not use these. Instead we skip all the extra plastic with a perfectly workable solution.