Using My Tumbler

What are the many uses of my tumbler?

Here are some of the great things you can do with your tumbler. It's all about making something beautiful.

  • Decor from Tumbled Stones
  • Make Jewelry
  • Restore Hardware
  • Clean Coins
  • Clean Necklaces, Earrings
  • Polish Metal
  • and many ways

Rock Tumbling to make these items

Products you can make with your rock tumbler.

Tumbling any stone you can use these stones for great projects.
Here is a list of potential uses for tumbled stone.

Fish tanks decor. Think of how cool really great tumbled rocks, rocks that you tumbled will look.

Fountain rocks. Another situation where you will be looking quite a bit at these
and the level of pride of seeing rocks you have collected and tumbled, really great.

Making a glass top table, small or large with an insert that you can cover with glass. You make a table or buy a table and you have a cavity there
that you fill with tumbled rocks these could be sparse or dense. The glass lets you look down at the rocks. You can fill the table with a thin bed of sand as a nice foundation.

Jewelry, my friends, never forget jewelry. With tumbled stones you can make the coolest pendants and earrings on the planet. Plus you can tell the story of the stone, where it was found, what you did to turn it into something beautiful.

Garden decor. line just about any bed of flowers with great tumbled rocks and add
your own stamp of originality.

Embedded tumbled rocks in pottery or tile. You can add great tumbled stones to
a piece of pottery or add them to a custom fired piece of tile.

Using Glass

Make seaglass!. Get that cool frosted look from picking any color glass and tumbling a really cool piece of glass that could be a pendant or necklace. Here is our grit pack for glass.

Restoring Jewelry

Use your tumbler to restore the luster to your jewelry. Make those necklaces and rings shiny so you can wear them again. Clean up rings ( no precious stones attached).

Clean Hardware

The fantastic effect and result of cleaning up old brass and hardware is really rewarding. Using your tumbler is an easy way to restore the finish of brass handles and knobs. Use our burnishing stainless steel shot product to bring back that wonderful look to hardware.

Coin Cleaning

Make your coins shiny and more enjoyable by removing the tarnish. Use our stainless steel shot to make this happen within minutes.