Standard Grit Kit for all tumblers
Two sets of tumbler grit
standard girt kit 3 sets
Standard Tumbling Grit

Standard Tumbling Grit

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Our Standard grit kit works as a universal abrasive media supply compatible with all rotary tumblers. Designed to operate with any standard 3 lb tumbler. This single set of four will tumble rocks from rough to a super shiny finish.

The set includes:

  • 60/90 Silicon Carbide (3 oz.) for step 1 - coarse grind
  • 120/220 Silicon Carbide (3 oz.) for step 2 - medium grind
  • 500 Silicon Carbide Pre-Polish (1.5 oz.) for step 3 - pre-polish
  • Aluminum Oxide Polish (1.5 oz) for step 4 - final polish

Please note - significant savings for ordering multiple sets.