SIx pack grit kit for hard and soft rocks

Grit Super Kit 6 Pack for Hard or Soft Stones Using a 3lb Tumbler

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Our Specialty Grit Kit provides the most versatile set of tumbling grit and polish to get the best tumbler results for hard or soft rocks in a rotary tumbler. We provide you with two extra grit grades to cover your needs with hard or soft rocks. This allows you to do some extra tweaking to improve your results with various types of rock.

First, we provide you with a Silicon Carbide grit graded at 46/70 to prep your harder stones. This grit also aids in better results for any stone as it covers a wider spectrum of tumbling at the first stage. Second,  we provide you with material to run two pre-polish steps, the first is with Silicon Carbide 500 grit, then a finer pre-polish of Aluminum Oxide 1000 pre-polish.

This dual step process for pre-polishing sets your rocks up for maximized results in the Polish stage using the high grade Fine micron level Aluminum Oxide polish.

Having these extra grit grades will allow you to do more experimentation and have more success with your finished product.

The kit includes enough media to tumble a full load of rock in a 3 pound rotary tumbler. The materials can also be used in other sized tumblers with simple ratio adjustment. The grit and polish amount in this listing is offered with free shipping!.The tumbling process for rocks uses a four step process with two passes in step 1 and these abrasive and polishing materials. The following six items are included

  • One 3 oz. package coarse silicon carbide (46/70 grit) used in Step 1A (optional - for harder stones)
  • One 3 oz. package coarse silicon carbide (60/90 grit) used in Step 1B
  • One 3 oz package medium silicon carbide (120/220 grit) used in Step 2
  • One 1.5 oz package pre-polish silicon carbide (500 grit) used in Step 3A
  • One 1.5 oz package pre-polish aluminum oxide 1000 used in Step 3B (optional -for softer stones)
  • One 1.5 oz package polish aluminum oxide (Fine, micron size) used in Step 4

The abrasive media is shipped in separate plastic resealable bags.

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